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Modern slot machines can generally be grouped into one of four different types of games including reel slots, progressive slots, bonus slots and video slots. Each of these categories offers unique features in the way the slot machine is designed and the experience the machine presents to the player during game play.

Reel Slots – Reel Slots are the most classic type of slot machine in casinos and are usually found either in a 3-Reel or 5-Reel version. Coin denominations on this machine can range from 1-5 credits per spin and usually maximum coins must be bet for the biggest prizes and/or bonus features. With reel slot machines, each round is determined by how the reels land on the pay line. Different symbols award different prizes to the player as they correspond to the slot machine payout table. Reel Slots are still very popular in live casinos however when playing slots online players generally tend to prefer to play video slot machines.

Slot Machine Types

Progressive Slots – Progressive Slot machines are among the most popular class of slots in the market for the simple reason that they offer substantially larger payouts than a regular slot machine. Every time a player wagers on Progressive Slots a small portion of the wager is distributed into an overall jackpot which continues to build until it is successfully won by a player. Progressive Slot machines can be be linked to one another in a single casino as well as across multiple casinos (bigger jackpots) depending on the type of progressive you are playing. Generally speaking Progressive Slots are designed in Reel format however there are some video slot progressive available in some casinos. Typical prizes for Progressive Slot jackpots can range anywhere from £10,000 upwards of £15,000,000 for some of the largest games.

Bonus Slots – Bonus Slots (also known as bonus round slots) offer one of the more exciting types of slot machine experiences since with these machines there is a special bonus round which when activated lets the player win extra credits. Bonus Slots are found in a large variety of slot machine however the most famous bonus slot out there is without question Wheel of Fortune. With the Wheel of Fortune slot game the player activates a special bonus round when they hit the spin button on the third reel of the machine. When this happens, a large wheel atop the machine with different prizes on it starts spinning and the player wins whatever amount of credits the wheel lands on. This is just one example of the hundreds of different bonus slots out there but as you can see bonus slots are an attractive option to play.

Video Slots – Video Slots come in hundreds of different variations and particularly in online casinos have become one of the more popular slot machine games with players. Video Slot machines generally have 5 reels and can have up to 50 different pay lines, available in limits ranging from a penny per line up to £5 per line bet. Video Slots can also include progressive jackpots as well as awesome bonus rounds which is why they are so well liked by players, since they incorporate the best features from other groups of slots. Some of the most popular types of Video Slots currently on the market include Monopoly Slots, Cleopatra Slots, Beach Life Slots and a number of other games that feature large progressive jackpots and payouts.

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