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Even before Aussie slots, or pokies, migrated online, they were just as popular in land-based casinos and pubs (and still are, for that matter). Australian slots have significantly evolved since they were first introduced in Australia, somewhere around the 1950s. The first slot machine was invented in the USA by Charles Fey, a San Francisco mechanic and was called Liberty Bell. Nowadays, slots, pokies or whatever they might be called, account for more than one-fifth of the global gambling market.

The appeal of slot machines lies in their simplicity. Australian slots in particular are one of the simplest to operate and this contributes to their enormous popularity. There is neither a need to learn complex rules or intricate betting systems, nor players have to worry about interaction with other, more experienced gamblers who will try to cheat them out of their money as sometimes happens with other forms of gambling. Aussie slots do not require any skills whatsoever; whether you will win or not depends purely on your luck or on the lack of it, respectively.

At the same time, Aussie slots are a unique form of entertainment. It is quite fun to feel the thrill of winning or losing, when you are relying on nothing else but the odds. However, Aussie slots are not just that anymore as they nowadays also offer a quality visual show. There is a huge variety of games as some of them are based on popular movies, or have a story of their own, enticing the players to get involved in the plot as they spin the reels.

Despite the general popularity of Australian slots in land-based casinos and pubs, it seems that nowadays players tend to prefer the online slots. Australia has some amazing slot venues, and yet they cannot compete with the payout rates that online casinos tend to offer to their customers. That is of course possible, due to the fewer expenses that online casino owners have to deal with. Therefore, online casinos can easily afford payout rates of up to 97 percent. Moreover, most of the online casinos feature a very attractive progressive jackpot, which is accumulated by a multitude of players and therefore winning it may literally turn out to be a life-changing event for the lucky player.

In addition to the attractive payout rates, online slots appeal to players with the comfort that playing in their own homes provides. It is quite convenient when you do not really need to worry about getting to a casino or to a pub in order to play. When you are at home, you can basically start and stop playing anytime you want. In addition, you can never get the same variety of Australian slots the Internet offers in an ordinary land-based casino. So, it is no wonder that the popularity of Aussie slots has moved online together with them.

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