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Online UK slots have become just as popular on the Internet as traditional slot machines are popular in land-based casinos. The changes in technologies over the last 10 or 15 years has given recreational slot players a tremendous number of selections when it comes to online slot machine games, and a savvy Internet user can find a slots game to play in seconds.

online slots

Slots account for at least 70% of a casino’s revenues. Not bad for a game which only a couple of decades ago was considered a distraction for the wives while their husbands played craps. Amazing new games are available as a result of new slots technology too. Classic 3 reel spinning slot machines are still available, similar to the Liberty Bell, but animated and video slots are becoming ever more popular. And progressive slot jackpots are bigger than ever.

And with online slots, you can play for a huge, life-changing progressive jackpot from the comfort of your own home.

Las Vegas Slots

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the world’s most famous destinations for slot players. Vegas sees over 35 million international visitors every year. Players can find any game they could ever want, including 3­reel and 5­reel slot machines where wagers start as little as a penny and can reach as high as $1000 a spin.

Internet Slots Games

But players don’t have to settle for a once a year trip to Vegas anymore to play slots. You now have the ability to play your favorite slot machines when and where you want in a room that is just as safe as any casino.

Nothing compares to planning a trip, having dinner, seeing a show, and playing some slot games. But for a player who cannot travel to a casino, or who can only make a few trips a year, online slots can provide a high quality gaming experience comparable to any land-based casino.

Some online casinos have developed reputations for security and fair gaming while offering online slot games that not only adhere to the standards of the Nevada Gaming Commission, but which can have comparable (or better) payouts than most land based casinos. Online casinos can afford better payout percentages because of their comparatively low overheard.

Hundreds of different slot machine games are available online now, some of them with fantastic welcome offers.  Most of the casino software packages offer realistic graphics and sound effects. Sometimes you might even forget that you’re in your living room or office, since the sounds of Vegas and/or Atlantic City coming from your computer are so authentic.

Online Slot Games – Reels and Paylines

If you’re a traditionalist, you might enjoy the simplicity of three reels and a single payline. But the multi-line, five reel online slots are where the capabilities of the Internet casinos really shine. Some online slots games offer 50 lines of action.

Features like scatter symbols, multipliers, and bonus rounds are all available in online slot machine games too.

Some casinos are offering slot machine games which tell stories. You can even make decisions which affect the outcomes of these stories. Most of these games have five reels and twenty paylines.

Choosing an Online Casino

We recommend downloading and trying the free games at three or four online casinos before deciding at which one you should play for real money. Different players enjoy different aspects of slots gaming, so be sure before depositing your money at an online casino that you actually like the games there.

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