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Slots Strategy

Although there is no mathematical strategy that can guarantee a lower house edge at playing slots, there are several actions a gambler can take to stretch out their bankroll and hold out longer in a quest to win a giant progressive jackpot. The one slots game which a strategy could be used (although no one has actually set out determining mathematical percentages of such a strategy, for it would be as extensive as the blackjack strategy) is at multiple spin slot machines, which give players the option of putting certain symbols on hold for the second spin. Therefore, it is recommended you follow the tips below, which will guide you through your entire slots playing ventures.

Put a limit on winnings at 100x the stake or 25% your bankroll

Far too often do slot players win a substantial payout, only to gamble it away trying to win more. A good winning amount to stop playing for the time being is either 25% of you starting bankroll or 100 times your wager amount (depending on which amount will satisfy you). For instance, if you started with a £200 bankroll and are placing £1 spins, you would cease playing as soon as you reach a £50 profit. This equates to 25% of a £200 bankroll.  If you were going by the 100x rule you would cease playing at a £100 profit (£1 x 100 = £100). If however, you have absolutely nothing to lose at all, you may want to keep playing until you grow tired or at least hit a predetermined loss limit.

Slots Strategy

Practice your game of choice with play money first

As you should do with all online casino games, it is strongly recommended to practice the slot before betting real money. The only exception to this would be progressive slot machines (casinos do not offer free practice play on these since they have progressive jackpots). In such a case, always familiarize yourself with the payout table….Hence the final tip:

Study the payout table before playing

Unless you are playing multiple spin slot machines, you do not need to know the payout table like the back of your hand. Otherwise, you should at least become very familiar with the winning symbol combos. The software is designed to automatically payout any winning combos and show you on the reels what combo was hit; However, it is a good habit to get into that can only protect yourself in the long run.

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