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Spinning Reels: Improve your slot experience

We believe that playing on slot machines is fun, regardless of the conditions and the places in which you practice it. It’s just so exciting to watch the reels spinning and hope for the best. However, there is always way to improve your experience and make your game sessions even more enjoyable. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at the most common ways in which slots are played and give you some valuable tips on how to get a great game session.

Slot machines in land-based establishments

By “land-based establishments” we mean bars and traditional brick and mortar casinos. However, the method described below is best used in bars, because of the natural coziness and friendliness of such places (if your favorite bar is mostly famous for its bar fights, scratch “friendliness” and/or coziness from the list. Also, if you don’t mind us asking: why exactly do you fancy this place? It has amazing slot machines, doesn’t it?). It can be applied to casinos as well, but some adjustments need to be made.

So, go to your favorite bar and order a cold beer. Take two coins from the change, one for the jukebox the other for the slot machine, and put them into the relative slots. Jukebox has to be set to a classic song, preferably Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler”. Turn the telly on to watch the footie game and park yourself in front of your work stat… the slot machine. What, someone is playing on it, you say? Ah, now we get where all these bar fights come from!

slot experience

In a casino, you have the benefits of free beers, which I always a good thing. You’ll probably be left without Kenny Rogers’ company, though and that is something to consider.

Slots in your home

Online slot machines proved that there is nothing better than home. You know, my home is my fortress and all that… But it doesn’t mean that you have to be alone in your castle. So, invite some friends to come over for a little slot party. Tell them to bring pizza, energy drinks and their laptops, of course. Then you can have a couple of hours of pure slot fun with your friends. A slot tournament, where all of you are competing against each other is one of the best ways to experience pokies. And you can easily host one, held by your own rules and conditions.

Slottin’ on the go

With mobile slots, you can whenever and wherever you want. Slot machines are perfect for mobile play, because they are so simple. It is best to play them when there is a downtime, for example when you are waiting in line or for a bus. That way the time passes more easily and pleasantly. You can also play pokies, when you are having generally a good time, just as a supplement to your experience. Also, if you found yourself caught up in a rather annoying conversation, slots may be your only path to salvation. Do not hesitate to use them, whenever you feel it’s necessary.

There are always way to improve your slot experience or to make better use of it. Be creative and have fun with the pokies!

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